Stay with us…

Come and spend a few days with us !

We have kilometers of walkways within the land.
The Buritaca River is a walk away.
Walk within different field crops.
See the workings of an Organic Farm.
Bathe in one of the various waterholes.
Or just relax and enjoy the views and the quietness of this Natural Reserve.

Our Accommodations

Cabin # 1 : Paradis

A private one bed with its own bath and a front porch to watch the sun setting over the mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

Cabin # 2 : Mariposa Azul

A two story two bed four bathroom wooden home with kitchen and open living areas.  The front bedroom has the view of the mountains with the open balcony doors as you lay in bed.  The rear bedroom has its private bathroom.  Plenty of space to hang hammocks.